What Makes Me Tick?

I’m equal parts analytical and creative.  I draw from both sides when working on projects, resulting in a uniquely creative approach to everything I do.

There’s nothing like taking abstract concepts and transforming them into elegant, simple and beautiful designs. I enjoy the creativity of design and the challenge of building solutions to complex problems.  But it doesn’t end there for me. Websites need fuel in the form of SEO & Internet marketing to be truly successful. I help get businesses on the road to success.

Simply put, it’s the entire package that interests me from pushing pixels to pushing rankings. It’s my extreme interest and proficiency in each discipline that makes me tick.

My Skills

Website Development & Design


Graphic, Branding, Logo Design & Print Media Design


SEO, Internet Marketing & Social Networking


Professional, Creative & Business-minded Approach


Kind, Honest & Courteous


Overall, Just an Ultra-Cool & Swell Guy - Okay, so I might be a little biased.


Creative vs. Analytical


Part Creative

  • Website Designer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Logo & Brand Designer
  • Print Media Designer
  • UI Designer
  • Internet Marketer


Part Analytical

  • Web Programmer (HTML5, CSS3, PHP, MySQL, jQuery, etc)
  • WordPress Developer
  • Flash Developer
  • Systems Analysis
  • Search Engine Optimizer

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Trust Me To Build Your Online Presence

Experience, Knowledge & Creativity

My name is Oliver Ibanez and I am passionate about all-things digital. I’m best able to communicate my ideas and concepts digitally in the form of websites, graphic designs, coding and digital music. My goal first and foremost is to create concepts that deliver compelling stories and engage audiences in real and meaningful ways.


When I’m not chasing pixels I’m chasing dreams. I’m an entrepreneur at heart and have helped to establish several successful ventures, both for myself and my clients. I have a strong business and internet marketing background that I rely on for each and every project I work on because in the end, measuring success always comes down to the bottom line.


My journey into the digital world began over 15 years ago. As an avid guitar player I began experimenting with music and my guitar by connecting it a computer and digitizing it. Eventually I began writing and composing full tracks using nothing more than my guitar, my keyboard and my computer.

At about that time I began attending college as a computer programmer and although I had a knack for it, it left me feeling unsatisfied and unfulfilled. Yet as I continued working with digital music I quickly found a bridge to programming through music.

As my creativity flourished, so too did my desire to express myself through other, more visual ways. I began working with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator for the first time in an attempt to create my own music CD cover and quickly realized I had a knack for it as well.

I realized that with the skill sets I had developed, making the jump to full web design and development wouldn’t be too difficult and luckily for me, I hit the ground running. I began building websites for friends, family and eventually for actual paying clients. There’s nothing more satisfy than launching new client website and knowing that virtually all aspects of the website from design to code was created by me.

The final step in my evolution quickly followed. A well-built website is only part of what helps make a website successful. There’s much more that goes into it such as traffic, conversion, lead-capture, internet marketing, social networking and so on. As an entrepreneur and businessman in my own right, I wanted to maximize the sales generated by my clients’ websites and felt that the best way to do this was to learn the in’s and out’s of SEO and Internet Marketing.

I’m proud to say that today I am an accomplished developer, designer and internet marketer. I bring all abilities to each and every client job I work on so that I can give my clients’ the benefit of my experience and expertise.