Polylabel is a security and asset label company who conducts the majority of their business online. They sell asset tags, security labels, high security labels and a number of other related products.

Polylabel’s primary sales force is their website and repeat business. Due to the high quality of their labels however, existing customers can take several years before returning to place subsequent orders therefore it is imperative that the website constantly generate new leads.


The asset tags and security label niche has become highly competitive in the last 5 years. This niche generates a lot of monthly search activity. As a result Polylabel is up against much more and stiffer competition than ever before.

Polylabel would like to regain it’s footing within the search engine result pages as well as to increase traffic through other means such as social networking. In addition, they would like to increase their onsite conversion so as to maximize the opportunity to make a sale. On top of all of this, Polylabel also required a highly flexible and customizable eCommerce solution that would allow them to manage their products, their content and provide their customers with a secure way to place orders online.


Step one was to analyze what was and wasn’t working well with the previous website. We analyzed their SEO, internet marketing, conversion rates, structure, usability and so on.

Next we developed and executed a plan to build a powerful and flexible website that would allow Polylabel to manage virtually all aspects of their online business. The website was built on the WordPress Framework and highly customized to meet their needs. We paid close attention to SEO while constructing the website.

Finally, we used our analysis of our client’s market to create an SEO and intenet marketing strategy to help them gain the boost in traffic they are after.


Polylabel’s new website is intuitive and informative. Users are quickly segmented to information and products they’re interested in and can confidently place secure orders online. Conversions have increased as users are now finding the products and information they’re after much more quickly.

Administrators now have the ability to manage all content and products on the website without having to rely on a web developer to do so. In addition, they are given special SEO tools through the website administrative panel so that they can keep tabs on their SEO efforts.

SEO and internet marketing is still a work in progress but our client has already experienced significant gains with regards to web traffic and keyword positioning in search engine result pages.