In business since 1996, The BRC is a leading provider of training and consulting services in the areas of quality management, business systems and management skills. They support thousands of individuals each year by providing expertise, guidance and assistance each individual needs to help their organizations run smoothly.

Their team of experts works with organizations across Canada to implement systems, solve problems and train employees.

The BRC offers more than 85 general to advanced training courses, auditing and consulting services and full-scale implementation and management services.


With over 85 training courses being offered, the BRC needed an easier and more efficient process of managing courses and presenting them on their website. Courses can be offered as On-site, Public Training or Online. Each Pubic Training course can be offered in multiple locations throughout the calendar year. It was BRC’s hope that all aspects of course management could be administered through a web interface and immediately presented on the website.

In addition, the BRC required the ability to upload private documents and resources to their website. To access these resources, users would first have to register with the BRC. This would also give the user access to monthly and quarterly newsletters and other benefits.


Carefully planning and analysis was necessary in order to give the BRC what they required. We first needed to fully understand the courses the BRC offered, how they were offered and how they were managed.

It was very apparent that we would need to perform one of our most intense custom developments to date. Again, we chose WordPress as the website framework. With it, we were able to create a fully customized solution that would allow our client to manage their website, content, courses and their private resource center all through the same interface.

In addition, to make the process even more efficient, we built a custom visual page builder to make the job of adding content to the website that much easier.


The BRC website is a flexible and scalable development that has hit the mark for each one of our client’s requirements. Managing courses has been simplified by integrating it directly into the website and in turn presenting this information to users through the front-end of the website.

Users are able to register for courses, find relevant information and simply browse the website in a much more intuitive and effective way.

On the administrative end, administrators can now add, edit and modify website content as they see fit. This process is made even easier with the visual page builder functionality. With a website of this type, content will need to be changed constantly and therefore having a easy method of doing so is a must. Furthermore, administrators don’t need to rely on web developers to add or modify content for them, which results in instant savings.