A Fully-Managed Email Marketing Services for Business

Stay Proactively Connected to Your Customers

We Create

We put our design and marketing skills to use for you by designing a custom newsletter that encompasses your company brand, identity and message.

We Manage

No need to learn new software and tools. We’ll manage your subscribers lists and every newsletter campaign for you.

We Deliver

We’ll deliver your newsletters to your customers on a monthly, quarterly and/or yearly basis.

We Measure

We’ll provide you with reports for each newsletter detailing delivery rates, open/unopen rates and so on.

Email Marketing Pricing

Personalized, Customized and Action Oriented Email Marketing


$ 299

Custom Email Theme
  • Custom Branded Email Template/Theme
  • Compatible With All Popular Email Clients
  • HTML & Plain Text Versions
  • Strict Standards to Ensure Deliverability
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$ 129

Per Month
  • 1 Newsletter Monthly
  • Fully-Managed
  • Content, Images & Links Added To Template
  • Scheduled Distribution
  • Measured Analytics
  • High Send/Deliver Rates
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$ 99

per quarter
  • 1 Newsletter Quarterly
  • Fully-Managed
  • Content, Images & Links Added To Template
  • Scheduled Distribution
  • Measured Analytics
  • High Send/Deliver Rates
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How does this service work?

We have partnered with the leading Email Marketing/Newsletter company in the world, MailChimp. Over 4 million people rely on MailChimp for their newsletter distributions. Backed by the most reliable name in email marketing, we are able to offer a fully-managed email marketing service to our clients. We manage each and every aspect of your newsletter for you, from building you email newsletter template, managing your recipient lists, adding monthly/quarterly newsletter content, sending your newsletters and tracking your newsletters.

Do we have to pay MailChimp to use their service as well?

No and Yes. It depends on the volume of newsletters you want to send out. MailChimp allows users to send up to 12,000 email per month to 2,000 subscribers absolutely free, no contracts or credit card required. This will suffice for most small businesses. For those in need of more, MailChimp offers other account levels that are reasonably priced to meet your needs.

Do I need to use MailChimp if I just want a template?

No, we can create standard HTML & Plain Text email templates for you as well should you choose to manage your email newsletters yourself outside of using MailChimp. That said we strongly encourage clients to use a service like MailChimp to send email newsletters. Other approaches result in higher than expect delivery failures and can also lead to having your email blacklisted on spam registries. MailChimp (and other similar services) stagger email deliveries and ensure that best practices are being used to avoid having emails marked as spam.

How will you manage our recipient list?

Typically a list of clients and potential customers is provided to us by our clients in Excel form. This list should contain your client’s name, company name, email address and any other bits of information you want to add to the recipient list. We than import your list into MailChimp and make all the necessary connections to the data to ensure each newsletter is personalized to your clients. An up-to-date email recipient list is always maintained through MailChimp.

Please ensure that you have your clients permission to add them to your email list. Client’s who do not want to subscribe to your emails will also be given the chance to unsubscribe through your newsletter.

Can I integrate MailChimp in my website and social networks?

Yes. There are several ways to integrate MailChimp into your website and social networks. Doing so would allow you to automatically added users to your MailChimp email list who communicate with you through those mediums.

Please contact us for more information on how this can be done and how we can help.